First Conference for the Journal of International Accounting Research was Held Smoothly

Source: Updated:2011/10/16/

With the development of world economic integration and globalization of capital markets, the IFRS convergence issues get common concern by all of the countries in the world. Currently, the International Financial Reporting Standards have been adopted in more than one hundred countries, or been a basis to develop their national accounting standards. Considering the current international situation, in order to solve the problems of convergence of International Financial Reporting Standards, strengthen exchanges and cooperation of scholars from various countries, promote the further development of financial and accounting research, provide incremental contribution for accounting theory and practice, co-sponsored by the American Accounting Association and China Accounting Society, colleges humanities and social science research base Accounting Development Research Center of Xiamen University, the national "985 Project" Philosophy and Social Sciences Innovation Platform Institute of Financial Management and Accounting in Xiamen University and the National Key Disciplines Accounting Department of Management School of Xiamen University, First The first conference for the Journal of International Accounting Research, Theme: IFRS Convergence and Adoption: Challenges and Opportunities, was held on June 15, 2011 in Science and Art Center in Xiamen University. The annual meeting was to explore the theory and practice of the International Financial Reporting Standards development, which was first truly international meeting held in mainland China by the American Accounting Association (AAA), and will hold annual meetings in different countries around the world in the future. 

The meeting essay was selected by the International Accounting Branch American Accounting Association (IAS), and the former vice president of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER), Professor Zheng Zhenxing from Louisiana State University and Professor Qu Xiaohui from Xiamen University, acted as co-chairman of the Planning Committee, and were responsible for organization of the meeting. Papers contribution, papers submission, meeting registration, hotels reservations, schedules posted, conference arrangements and other matters are all carried out on the American Accounting Association website. A total of more than 100 papers were received, and after an anonymous review of committee of conference papers review, a total of six papers would give reports to the Assembly, and 45 papers are grouped exchange reports. 112 experts and scholars from Australia, Canada, Chile, China, China Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States 15 countries and regions were invited to attend the conference. ACCA provided sponsorship. In a very tight agenda, the content is also very rich. Among them, before the seminar, in the afternoon of June 14, in accordance with past practice, the American Accounting Association, arranged for members two workshops about education and research on international financial reporting standards (IFRS), which was hosted by Professor Qu Xiaohui of Xiamen University. Professor Ervin Black and Professor Greg Burton from Brigham Young University delivered a lecture on the IFRS symposium, talking about the teaching progress, teaching resources and experience of International Financial Reporting Standards. Professor Gray Biddle of Hong Kong University and Professor Stephen Lin from Florida International University gave a speech in the IFRS research seminar, teaching progress, experiences, and prospects of IFRS International Financial Research. In opening ceremony of the morning of June 15, the former vice president of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER), Professor Zheng Zhenxing from Louisiana State University hosted the opening ceremony.

Vice Chairman of China Accounting Society, Director of Ministry of Enterprise Division Professor. Liu Yuting delivered a speech on behalf of China Accounting Society, and introduced the basic situation and development of China's international convergence of accounting standards after the global financial crisis, and China's countermeasures. President of American Accounting Association Professor Kevin Stocks from Brigham Young University on behalf of the American Accounting Association gave a speech; the present president of International Accounting Branch of American Accounting Association, Prof. Ervin Black from Brigham Young University delivered a speech on behalf of the International Accounting Branch; Professor Li Jianfa, the vice president of Xiamen University, representatived Xiamen University to give a welcome speech. The working language of this annual meeting is English, the participants were from around the world, and the conference regulated arrangements in full accordance with international academic conference seminar convention with clear international and academic features, which was compact and pragmatic. To promote domestic international accounting research, cultivate an international perspective of young scholars, especially the annual meeting organizer issued a special meeting invitations to young scholars from more than 20 domestic, "985", "211" Colleges, and provided each school a discount through AAA approved registration quota. Domestic participants are mostly young scholars in research frontier line, with active innovative thinking, and conducted a thorough exchange with global accounting experts during the annual meeting. Volunteers are primarily doctors or master from related units of Accounting Development Research Center of Xiamen University, and they have good English communication skills and some academic research capacity, and provided the best service for the General Assembly. In the meeting, the experts developed depth discussion on convergence with the International Financial Reporting Standards, use of fair value accounting, the quality of accounting information, economic decision-making and earnings management, financial accounting, auditing, corporate governance, accounting, education and other issues topics, with leading edge, which were wide and deep.

The venue for first annual conference of 2011 “Journal of International Accounting Research”