Ph.D Project, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Aim To enable Chinese potential Ph.D-candidates, possibly as part of the Chinese 3-Tops project, to earn a Ph.D degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Only candidates which have the serious and sincere intention to pursue such a degree should apply. Target Group and Requirements Candidates are Chinese university graduates (Master’s degree) with a proven record in academic research, appearing from (international) publications. A candidate may be in the possession of another Ph.D degree already or maybe a Ph.D candidate at its own university. Research fields are economics, management, law, medicine and sociology. Researchers in the field of economics and management should preferably have a strong mathematical background. Intended Ph.D research topics may be purely theoretical or may have a more practical orientation. Candidates should be fluent in English (Ielts 7.0). Form and Duration The Ph.D study will be organized using a so-called “sandwich” construction. The candidate will preferably visit Rotterdam once or twice a year during the Chinese summer and/or winter holidays. In between these visits the candidate will keep contact with the supervisor via email. Our experience it that when this method is followed a graduation in 4 years is possible. The home university of the candidate is expected to enable the candidate to work on his/her project and to travel back and forth between China and the Netherlands. This means in practice that the candidate while in China has to be made free from other obligations for a considerable part of the time, say one-third or even half-of-the-time. Organization The organization of the Ph.D Project is in the hands of the China-Holland Education & Research Centre (CHERC) from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Costs CHERC /EUR will cover the costs of participation in the project, including tuition fees, academic guidance by a supervisor, availability of office and computer facilities. The Chinese home university and/or the candidate will be required to pay the costs of flying back and forth between China and the Netherlands and the living costs in Rotterdam. Application deadline As the number of candidates the EUR is willing to accept is limited, candidates should be selected by their own university on a very strict and selective basis first. Selected persons interested in attending the Ph.D project are invited to submit via their own university their c.v. and research proposal(s) as well as a formal recommendation letter of their university to the contact person of CHERC by February 15, 2008. Final selection of the candidates for the Ph.D project will take place through personal interviews in Shanghai in March 2008 (probably during the first week of March 2008). Actual acceptance of a selected candidate depends on the availability of an appropriate academic supervisor at EUR. Information More information can be provided by the contact person of CHERC. Information about Erasmus University Rotterdam can be found on CHERC Contact person: Mrs. Weichia Tseng, MSc Managing Director Phone +31 10 4082781 Fax + 31 10 4089069 Email Postal Address: Erasmus University Rotterdam CHERC, Office J5-11 Attn. Mrs. Weichia Tseng, MSc P.O. Box 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam The Netherlands