"Dream of Management Accounting, Fulfilled in China" Seminar was Successfully Held in Xiamen University

Source: Updated:2014/12/04/

Co-sponsored by the Accounting Department of Management School of Xiamen University, Accounting Development Research Center of Xiamen University and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the seminar "Dream of Management Accounting, fulfilled in China" and management control innovation research and "Global Management Accounting Principles "conference was held in Xiamen University on November 27, 2014. Many experts and scholars of different universities from China and abroad attended the conference.

Opening session of the conference was hosted by Professor Yuanlue Fu, the deputy director of the Development Research Center of Xiamen University, and Professor Feng Liu, vice president of Management School of Xiamen University made the welcoming remarks, followed by Miss Meihang Zhao, CIMA Chief Representative of mainland in China and core marketing director to introduce" Global Management Accounting Principles ". And she felt so honored that" Global Management Accounting Principles (Chinese Version) "can be released in Xiamen University and also hoped the principles could be popularized and applied in China.
The main agenda of this conference included three parts: keynote speeches, plenary lecture and guests’forum.

In the keynote report, Professor Wim A Van der Stede from the London School of Economics and Professor Yuanlue Fu from Xiamen University, delivered speeches respectively with themes of "The challenges of the new role of global management accounting-creating sustainable value” and "The new power of development of China Enterprise: Management Accounting innovation ” and answered questions of the experts.
In the part of plenary lecture, Dr. Jingwei Hua, president of Huaxia Jingwei, Associate Professor Shengqun Chen from Shanghai National Accounting Institute and Professor Liu Yunguo from Management School, Zhongshan University made wonderful reports to the Assembly. This seminar also invited Professor Jinye Xu from Shanghai University and Professor Xiaomei Guo from Xiamen University and other well-known experts and scholars as the observers of the plenary. The scholars and experts highly participated in this part and the venue atmosphere was very active.
Finally, in the last process of guests’ forum, this seminar invited Professor Chuxiong Xiong from Shenzhen University, Professor Shaohua Chen form Xiamen University, Dr. Zongliu Liu, vice president of Xiamen Accounting Society, Dr. Huaxia You, president of Huaxia Jingwei and Professor Jinye Xu from Shanghai University made a lively discussion on “Management Accounting Research Personnel Training Issues from Corporate Control Talent Demand". Every scholar put forward their own views based on their experience and understanding of the training of management accounting professionals and these insights were very important references for the setting and reform of curriculum of management accounting in Xiamen University.

The convening of this conference will act as a positive role for exchange and cooperation between scholars of global management accounting and promotion of innovation of management accounting in the field of academic research. The conference also will have a positive impact on construction and development of management accounting system with Chinese characteristics.