Professor Yuanlue Fu Won the Bid for Special Project Launched by Ministry of Finance

Source: Updated:2015/04/29/

Professor Yuanlue Fu, vice director ofour Center for Accounting Studies, representative of Xiamen University, has wonthe bid ---No.1 Project Package named “Research of Management Accounting TheoreticalFramework with Chinese Characteristics” included in “Chinese Management AccountingDevelopment Program” launched by Ministry of Finance, of which announcement ofthe bid has been published on the web:

There are all 14 project packages relatedwith management accounting research in this tender supported by Ministry ofFinance, and the upper limit of foundation for every project package is 500,000RMB. At this time, Xiamen University won the bidding for No.1 Project Package named“Research of Management Accounting Theoretical Framework with Chinese Characteristics”,directed by Professor Fu, of which research support is 500,000 RMB, with thehighest extent of fund support among all the projects supported by Ministry ofFinance.

We, Center for Accounting Studies, wonthe bid for special program, “Chinese Management AccountingDevelopment Program”, initiated by Ministry of Finance, which totallyreflected there were lots of achievements obtained by Xiamen Universityrelated with Accounting Theory Research, and our related research led peers inthe whole country. Meanwhile, it reflected that Ministry of Finance placed a high degree of trusttowards the team of Management Accounting Theory Researchat Xiamen University.

Center forAccounting Studies of Xiamen University

Apr.24 2015