Professor Xiaohui Qu, Director of Our Center, Delivered a Theme Report in 2015 Annual Conference of ASC

Source: Updated:2015/08/13/

2015 Annual Conference of Accounting Society of China, which was sponsored by the China Accounting Society, was grandly hosted by Accounting School in Harbin Commerce University between 11th July and 12th July 2015.More than 350 guests from over 120 colleges and universities, research institutes, media propaganda and accounting practice from home and abroad attended the conference. This conference received 330 pieces of paper, among which, 215 were accepted, and total 95 were discussed at the venue of the conference. The executive vice president of Accounting Society of China, Miss Yang Min, President of Harbin University of Commerce, Prof. Xin BaoZhong, deputy director of Finance Department of Heilongjiang Province, Guan Chenzhong, vice president of Accounting Society of China, Professor Dai Deming, former vice president of Accounting Society of China, Professor Wang Shiding, deputy secretary-general of Accounting Society of China, Professor Zhou Shouhua, president of Accounting Education Branch of Accounting Society of China,  Professor Wang Zhuquan, former president Professor Liu Xing, next president Professor Zhang Junrui, director of Academic Department of Accounting Society China, Yu Ling, executive directors of Accounting Education Branch of China Accounting Society and other leaders and guests attended the conference. Annual Conference of Accounting Society of China is an academic event of high level, sponsored by Accounting Society of China, with a significant impact on domestic accounting academia.

Professor Xiaohui Qu, director of the Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "Reflections on Accounting Education". Speaking from demand theory, i.e. Maslow's hierarchy of five aspects and the sixth hierarchy of needs - the needs of self-transcendence, which was introspective and added to the former demand theory, Xiaohui Qu stressed that education is about the inherit of thinking, of which nature is to learn unknown theory to correct the attitude, to improve themselves to serve others, and to achieve perfect state. She reflected on the lack of current accounting education, and put forward that it is necessary to call and strengthen the history inheritance, humanistic spirit of accounting education and the related accounting education research. Professor Qu Xiaohui’s statement caused a strong resonance of experts and scholars at the meeting.