Mrs Wei Ying of Ministry of Finance Came to Visit Our Center for a Survey

Source: Updated:2015/08/12/

Accompanied by Mr Haifeng Yang, director of regime section of Accounting Department, Mr Jianjun Hu, partner of KPMG, Mr Yi Zhu, project manager of KPMG, Professor Peng Xiao and Associated Professor Xiaorong Wang of CUFE, Mrs Wei Ying, inspector of Accounting Department of Finance Ministry come to visit Center for Accounting Studies to take part in the mid-term inspection of “Research on the enforcement mechanism of government accounting standard” on July 27, 2015. Deputy party secretary of our university, Prof. Jianfa Li, associate professor Guoqing Zhang attended the meeting. Prof. Jianfa Li hosted the meeting. First, Prof. Guoqing Zhang reported the progress of this project; Second, Prof. Jianfa Li briefed the stage achievements, existing problems and the next steps of this project. Third, Mr Jianjun Hu and Prof. Peng Xiao introduced the progress and the stage achievements of this project. Finally, all participants made an in-depth discussion on the enforcement problem of our country’s government accounting standards. Mrs Wei Ying and Mr Haifeng Yang expressed their appreciation for the staged achievements, and gave some guidance to the following research proposal, such as the survey plans.

The consultation of Institution of Government Accounting (Draft for Comments) was held on July 28, 2015. Inspector Wei Ying, Director Haifeng Yang, Prof. Jianfa Li, Prof. Guoqing  Zhang exchanged views and culminated in consensus on the issue of accounts, accounting elements, accounting basis, consolidated statements, commitment accounting, and the types/format of statement.