Seminar:Introduction to Databases for Business and Economic Research around the World

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演讲者: Dr. Yuxing Yan technical director in Wharton Research Data Services 时间: 2006年6月26日(星期一)2:30—4:00 PM 地点: 嘉庚二513 参加者: 对商业和经济研究数据库有兴趣的广大师生 主持人: 孙谦教授 Bio of Dr. Yuxing Yan: Dr. Yuxing Yan received his Ph.D (finance) from McGill university. He has taught at Wilfrid Laurier University and Nanyang Technological University. He has worked at WRDS as the technical director (Wharton Research Data Services) since 2003 . Dr. Yan is an expert on financial databases, such as CRSP, COMPUSTAT, TAQ, IBES, OPTIONMETRIES, CSMAR. He is responsible to answer all sorts of questions, from WRDS' users, related to databases, programs and research. He is very good at several computer languages such as SAS, Matlab, FORTRAN and C. He is active in research and is currently visiting the Shanghai Stock Exchange as a financial economist.